Look Under The Hair And Kick The Tires First

trump-hairWe all hate what Obama has done to America with his politics, policies and mean spirited demeanor that has almost diminished America to a third world banana republic. The enemy is at our gates both at our unguarded borders and from Obama’s unending stream of “un-friendly’s” that he is bringing in from the Middle Beast. 

We have further watched how he has divided America along the lines of voting groups as not having the ability to sell his politic on America as a whole. Obama first had to divide the nation into groups and appeal to each group and their most base demands in order to get elected. What we are left with is truly a nation divided split up along racial, political, religious, and every line imaginable including the dead who seemed to have voted for him in large numbers.  This will be his one and true legacy for himself as the one who ripped America asunder.

One of the things that also led to the victory of Obama was the schoolyard ability of the left to invent clever sayings, memes, and ditties that while simplistic can become memorable to the voter who also can be simplistic in their own views. These become the bullet points for those incapable whether by time available or intellect to get into the weeds of who someone is or is not. The big one for Obama was “I HATE BUSH.” The “I HATE BUSH” ditty spread just like the O.J. Simpson Bronco, as the murderer drove down the freeway in one, with all those who wanted to be cool rushing to buy a Bronco or other four wheel drive vehicle. If you had asked anyone at the time WHY they hated bush, in many cases you would get a stuttering response.

So from “I HATE BUSH” to “I HATE OBAMA” where do we go from here? Does the pendulum simply swing radically back the other way, and then back again hard left, then hard right ad infinitum? Or can we get beyond bullet points and sloganeering and for once start looking into the weeds?

Therefore for those of you who “hate Obama” and yes he is “hate worthy” do you simply fulfill your need to be heard by choosing a candidate who can vent for you and be simply the loudest or do you spend the time doing your own due diligence and finding out who you are voting for. My very first written statement of 6 years ago about Obama, who I did not vote for, was “HEY, THE EMPEROR IS NOT WEARING ANY CLOTHES”.  (https://ira1942.wordpress.com/2013/01/24/the-obama-vision-written-9-1-09/) Well today we of course see who he really is, an Islamist, liar, crony-capitalist and worse. Thus the question is do we challenge the swing of the pendulum and delve into the weeds about all of the candidates so we don’t make this mistake again or do we make the same mistake again and find out several years hence that we wish we had looked at the candidates with a keener eye?

Some of you who have been reading this article are the very ones that caused me to write it. It seems I had the “audacity” to question Trump’s overall platform beyond simply “I hate Mexicans” or was it “lovely people, but their government sucks?” Don’t get me wrong, as I am clearly for shutting the border down tighter than an airlock on a plane but do we want a “one trick pony” or someone who can address ALL of America’s ills?

One of America’s biggest problems is the influx and influence of Islamists into America and at the behest of Obama. We have become politically correct in dealing with the very people who would either kill us or turn America into an Islamic nation. Every move Obama makes, including with Iran, is pro Islamist. He has not only been importing Muslims to America from the Middle East in record numbers, bringing them across the border from Mexico in DHS buses, but has further excluded Middle East Christians, Kurds and Yazidis a similar chance to escape death and torture. We even have several Muslim Brotherhood members; a terrorist group despite Obama’s taking them off his watch list, appointed by him to high positions within our government.

Therefore I come back to Donald Trump who has yet to take ANY position on the Islamist invasion of America other than saying “shut the borders to them, as well as others” and that simply fits well with his “close the borders” rhetoric.  His strategy for ISIS is to grab their oil.  But what about all of the rest from Huma Abedin’s entire family in the Muslim Brotherhood, Valerie Jarrett’s connections there as well as her parents being on the FBI watch list? What about the Mosques in America, which are 85% staffed with Imams from Saudi Arabia or Pakistan or the “Wahabbi Korans” of which 80% of all U.S. Mosques use and are sent in from Saudi Arabia, the very same version of the Koran as used by ISIS? What about talking about what Obama is doing and has done to America and who he is working for, us or Islam?  Or is it just about the money along with George Soros, financier of  Black Lives Matter who is buying up coal assets? Is it a coincidence that Soros is buying coal just as Obama announced via his dictatorial EPA the new regulations which are driving coal out of business so Soros can pick up the pieces as with his currency manipulations in Czechoslovakia, Malaysia, UK and others?

Now I have messaged “THE DONALD” (somehow I find it difficult to envision should Trump get introduced to Queen Elizabeth or Angela Merkel, and is announced as “your majesty, THE DONALD”) about my concern for his lack of mention of the Muslim hoards who would harm America from both within and without as I did other candidates. He has not responded as of this writing. OK, maybe I am unworthy as a humble citizen and candidates may feel they are superior to us, even the “so called” outsiders and our opinions or facts mean nothing as they reign supreme.

On FaceBook I questioned “THE DONALD’S” lack of attention to these pressing issues and I made reference to his business investments in Dubai http://www.arabianbusiness.com/first-donald-trump-villas-in-middle-east-released-542783.html. I also, while not mentioned in specific, his lack of response on an American jailed in the UAE, an ally to us http://pamelageller.com/2015/03/american-jailed-in-uae-for-cyber-slander-against-islam-while-in-the-usa.html/  (think of all the flack Obama gets from the right about the four Americans jailed in Iran) or his policy to seize Middle East oil http://www.nationalreview.com/article/421825/donald-trump-foreign-policy-middle-east-oil. One has to at least imagine the possibility and question the fact that Trump as a “business man first” may want to “wet his beak” in some oil wells.

Following Trump’s own words any sane man would have to at least ask WHY he is taking this position when he stated:   I watched Pam prior, and it looked like she’s just taunting everybody. What is she doing drawing Muhammad?…And it looks like she’s actually taunting people — and it’s disgusting that it happened and everything else. But why are they doing [sic] drawing Muhammad? Isn’t there something else they can draw?” Megyn Kelly subsequently asked him about those remarks, and he said: “I think Pam Geller is a terrible messenger. I think she’s terrible. We have enough problems without taunting and driving everybody crazy.” Trump was taunting Mexicans, was he not so why not Muslims?

Following my post the level of hostility and name calling I received simply was astonishing. I received comments like this in three groups, two Republican groups and one anti Islam group where one surely could not have expected this.  Some of the comments were:

  • “I read you as a paranoid, white, racist…Trump don’t do oil.”
  • “Stupid Article with a misleading title Trump 2016 !”
  • “Several people keep attacking the top rather than promoting their own choice. Is that helpful?”
  • “If someone starts hating on Trump….”
  • “If the truth should accidentally come out of you it would be like trying to filter potable water flushing out of a septic tank.”
  • “What? No apologies yet from the shallow end of the gene pool?”
  • “The problem is that both parties are infested with stinking liberals. And they attack pattiot candidates.”

Now this “trailer park and grammatically challenged crowd” were all purportedly Republicans. I would have expected this posting on a Progressive page, which I do from time to time go to and try and enlighten, but not where I was posting currently, wow.

There were some very sane comments as well such as Joshua’s:

  • “Did any of you actually read the article? …This is more proof that the Obama Kool-Aid and the Trump Kool-Aid are brewed in the same psychological place…”

Well I am hoping that some of the “borderline” crazies can read this and understand that we must look under Trump’s hair and kick the tires for him as well as all candidates. However for some, anything written this long, and not in bullet points will never garner their limited understanding of the world and how it works.






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