What Is Your Obligation In Dealing With World Gone Nuts?

The world is getting more chaotic every day. Today we heard from a spokesperson from the “so called” “Million Student March” who want to “take wealth from those who HOARD it, as if they didn’t earn it” in order to pay for their free tuition. No matter that tuition has skyrocketed as Obama and his predecessors have continually thrown money at colleges without accountability. The colleges then fatten up their already fat administration rather than spend it on educating their student body that sorely need an education and not just the indoctrination that they do receive from liberal professors.

Following the interview by Cavuto on Fox Business of the “idiot savant” student we then hear that “Paris Is Burning” via Muslims on a killing spree which when all over will probably net hundreds of dead. This is what liberal France gets for assuming that all of their Muslim inhabitants are “so called” “moderate Muslims”. Statistics, polls and Taqiyya state there is a shortage of so called “moderates”.  Today at the gym I met a lady who asked who was doing the killing and I replied “it wasn’t Irish monks. It was Muslims. She tried to correct me and say don’t you mean ISIS? Therein lay the problem, a well meaning but ignorant populace who look at the rest of the world and expecting them to treat us as we would treat them. WRONG!

It is time for all to wake up. What is your obligation? It is at the very least to stay informed so that your leaders, such as Obama and Kerry stop fooling you with Global Warming and bringing in a few hundred thousand military age men under the guise of their being refugees. Refugees they are not as most are just honoring the Hijrah, the spreading of the faith and their filth and lying through their teeth due to their Koranic dispensation for lying called Taqiyya.

Too many people either follow as sheep or make up their minds from seeing simple memes created by simple people. It is time to make up your own mind and speak out. Screaming FOX lies, aside from being idiotic, shows that you really do not watch enough news and that you truly get your information from memes and comics at best. You should be watching all news AND that includes the prominent online sources. It is time to stop being sheeple and educate yourself as to “conditions on the ground” before the America you once knew is no more. Your obligation is to review your current politics and then speak out and speaking out without an “educated point of view” is like pissing in the wind.

About ira1942

An American concerned for our country and it's current direction.
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