What Should Be Done For A Long Term Solution To Radical Islam?


What can we do, aside from a military intervention with boots on the ground in order to counter the killers and thugs of ISIS? The best idea along these lines came from President Sisi of Egypt of whom Obama chooses to still ignore and has taken the side of the Muslim Brotherhood extremists. President Sisi who I view as the “most courageous man in the Muslim world” for the stance he has taken in first proposing a reformation of Islam, a reformation that is 600 years too late, should you use the Reformation as a starting point.

President Sisi, despite Obama’s refusal to work with him on his reformation of Islam, has started on his own with the closing of Mosques that are still preaching the hate and fundamental values of centuries ago, where the primary tool of conversion was the sword. Let’s face it much of the “Islamist fervor” is whipped up in the Mosques which is why one sees the sometimes Friday night explosive exiting from the Mosque to the streets for protest from everything from “let’s kill the Jews” to “you should not have eaten that ham sandwich.”

President Erdogan, who seems himself as a leader of the Caliphate on the opposite track has preached that Turkey depart from the state secular state that Ataturk built and instead has allowed Turkey to degenerate into what is not only an Islamist state but one that has been aiding ISIS. When folks try to establish a difference between Fundamentalist Islam, as practiced by the Saudi Wahabbi or ISIS, Erdogan stated that “The term Moderate Islam is ugly and offensive. There is no moderate Islam, only Islam.” “Islam is Islam.” Fahad Quereshi, the founder of Islam Net, and a leader in Norway’s Muslim community stated … it is not that speaker that who has these ‘extreme radical views,’…. These are general views that every Muslim actually has.”

In today’s world the only truly “moderate Muslim” is the one who is the “occasional Muslim” similar to the “occasional church goers” or the Jews who only go to Synagogue on the High Holy days or for Bar Mitzvas and weddings.

If you look at the Mosques even in America, those Mosques are “true fundamental Islam” and why, because of the version of the Koran they read and the heritage of the Imams. “The Saudi’s have radicalized American Mosques.”  See: Yehudit Barsky, an expert on terrorism at the American Jewish Committee.  80% of the Korans used in American Mosques were paid for by the Saudis and it is the same Wahabbi Koran as used by ISIS. “Among full time paid Imams, 85% were born outside of America,” (Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, hotbeds of fundamentalism) according to The Hartford Institutes survey of 2011.

The odds would seem stacked against Islam leaping from the 8th to the 21st Century without a reformation that would bring Islam not only into the 21st Century but to change if from a “religion of conquest by the sword from their earliest days of invading Europe in 711 AD, through the following invasions from the 1,500s up to 1683 where they were stopped at the “Battle of Vienna” on 9/11 (a now familiar date). ISIS, or as Obama likes to refer to them as ISIL as it specifies the Levant and is an insult to Israel, is no more than another attempt, according to their own statements of once again trying to resurrect a Caliphate.

It would seem to anyone who is capable of thought could see this as a “never ending story” of the attempt of Islam to conquer the world, which is in fact their stated goals. Convert or die is their war cry. Thus it would further seem, that the only long term tool available to the west would be to try to encourage Islam to join the 21st Century and with such a reformation bringing with it the more acceptable norms that we have learned from our pre-school days on “how to work and play well with others.” More appropriately “live and let live” rather than “convert or die.”

So it would seem to me that the only sane man in the Islamic world and one who is a potential savior of the entire world is President Sisi of Egypt who has courageously attempted to encourage the much needed reformation of Islam.


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One Response to What Should Be Done For A Long Term Solution To Radical Islam?

  1. Stephen Newdell says:

    Bible prophecy indicates no solution until all out war wipes them all off the face of the planet. This essay is interesting as an academic exercise.

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