Have you ever seen images of the “hajj pilgrimage” as swarms of Muslims frantically swarm around a center structure called the “Kaaba” as they work up enough crazed momentum and fervor until many get trampled underfoot by the overall “Islamic Collective”? This image to me is the epitome of “Islamic culture”, of a seeming “Collective”, like the Borg in Star Trek, swarming around the remnants of Mohammed’s journey to Mecca almost as if either they too wanted to be god or to “touch his presence”.  I think it is this “swarming of the “Islamic Collective” that allows thugocracies like ISIS to perpetuate itself.

When you look at Islam as an entity it is more than a religion. While a religion it at the same time is a legal system as well as a political one. Unlike modern day Christianity and Judaism which have evolved into a singular entity, a religion of moral faith, Islam is a complete and all encompassing entity. Islam takes control over the entire life of the individual. It provides a “group think” Borg type mentality” ruling every aspect of the believer’s day, similar to the earliest pagan days of Christianity or Judaism. Like pagan religions Islam encompasses every step in the life of the practitioner, so that the Koran becomes a virtual roadmap for all stages of life.

What makes Islam dangerous unlike other religions is the belief that the “Collective” must “absorb” other groups, just as the Borg “Collective” grew, who are the “Kafirs” or non believers. Jews had stopped proselytizing centuries ago and Christians still do some but in a “kinder and gentler” way than by the sword. Islam prides itself on expanding their “Collective” through violence and therein lays the problem. Even if you are not put to the sword Islam relegates all non believers to a position of subservience and servitude to the “Collective.”

In a world where 80% of Muslims are illiterate and most dirt poor the Muslim can pride itself with its membership in a religion that at least tells its followers that as a member of the “Islamic Collective” you are “superior” to all others including those who would even colonize or enslave you. It made it a lot easier to fight the Japanese as we demonized them as “little yellow devils” rather than fellow humans and in this way Islamists demonize we Kafirs. Let us also not delude ourselves Islam is a religion of supremacy. This part of the equation is the cement for their “collective” as no matter how bad one feels due to their position in life, we all love to “piss downhill” so as to feel that there is always someone worse off than we.

OK, so where am I going with this? Once I came to the realization of the “Islamic Collective”, I further realized that what is making it grow is that which it is feeding upon. Islam is feeding upon the very successes that the West has allowed them to attain as we turned a blind eye to the reality of their very existence such as Obama referring to them as the J.V. team. The “Collective” is feeding upon its own successes won by the sword. The more they are successful the easier it is to either grow their numbers in the Middle East and to entice Muslims with such low self esteem that they too demand to “piss downhill” so they can feel better about themselves as members of the “Islamic Collective”.

All of their reference to a “Caliphate” is so that the “Islamic Collective” can pride themselves as they look back into their glorious past when they were able to defeat the West and rule much of the then known world. There was a reason for the Crusades, unlike that which Obama would have us believe and it was clearly to push back on the Islamic invasion of Europe. There was also a reason for the attack on the Twin Towers on 9/11 as that date in history represented the epitome of the Caliphate and their rule over the Kafirs of Europe in the Seventh Century. However on that date, it was also the start of the demise of the Caliphate as the armies of Vienna and Armenia beat back the Islamic hoards at the “Battle of Vienna” thus stopping the Muslims who were on their way to attack and then sack the Vatican.  We are now back to that same point in history where the Caliphate has potentially reached its epitome. The “Collective hive” has grown large.

So how do we stop the growing of the “Collective’s hive”? By smashing their new found self esteem and let them feel the shower of “yellow rain” on their heads. Yes, it is time us Kafirs “pissed downhill” onto the turbaned heads of the “Islamic Collective” and wash away their new found self esteem with yellow rain.  Until this realization my attitude was like most Americans; “it’s not our war.” However, as their minions grow stronger and attack us more and more on our own home field, events have shown us that it is time to kick their butts and them, ending the success of the “Islamic Collective.” It is time to acknowledge the reality that the “Islamic Collective” is at war with the West and we must now fight back to win as only by smashing them as the Viennese and Armenian armies smashed them on 9/11 in the Seventh Century will the “Islamic Collective’s” hive cease to grow.

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An American concerned for our country and it's current direction.
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