The Finest Hours For any ungrateful ass-hats out there who sneer, poke fun at or who think America was and is not great, you need to get your lazy ass out to the movies and see The Finest Hours, a true story of an incredible Coast Guard rescue in the early fifties, taking place in Nantucket, R.I., where heroism shined and an entire town pulled together to rescue “our boys at sea.” This was and is the America I grew up in and while I grew up with “unfair” treatment in life, as many have, it is still my America.


Yes America was not then or not now perfect and the “so called Perfect Union” still may not come to pass for many decades. In the meantime, while Blacks suffered through slavery and Jim Crow and Jews were treated as second class citizens things change, have changed and will change further for the better.
America still is, has been and will always be the greatest place on earth to live, prosper and be free. While there is always room to grow, remember that we are still one of the youngest nations on earth. So I must agree with Donald Trump, that we can make America great again, as while we have waned in many aspects, the light has not been extinguished. That shining light called America is still in the hearts of the true “non haters”, you know the ones who do not use the terms “hater”, “bigot”, Racist” as if they were naming each and every raindrop in a thunderstorm simply because they lack ability at proper expression.
I pledge allegiance to the United States of America and to carry on with my last breath and words that which is within me so that the light of America is not extinguished by those who would see us marching to the drum beat of authoritarianism masked in catchphrases as “fairness”or “fair share” so that politicians can stay in power by fooling the many. They have not fooled all of us.

About ira1942

An American concerned for our country and it's current direction.
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