I woke up this morning, took a leak, fed the cats and checked my email. Then it hit me as I scratched my head wondering; Is american flag on fire truckthis still my America? Is this still the land of the free, the home of the brave and the country I love or is it now the place of “PHONY PC DIVERSITY?”

Now I am all for diversity in a “normal sense” as one who had black friends in the fifties, ten years before the passage of any Civil Rights bills. I never chose friends on the basis of groups but on the basis of whom I thought they were.

However I am sick and tired of this Gd damn “PC DIVERSITY.” Why, because it is not a real diversity based on simply good character and well meaning of people but a perverted diversity, which includes the mentally ill, misfits, criminals, non thinkers who simply follow and are too stupid to ever question and just mean spirited assholes who would bring America down.

What brought this all to mind was reading my first article of the day how the American flag seems to some to be dirtier than that rat infested, Neo-Nazi, and the urine smelling black rag of ISIS. A flag that symbolizes death, hate, sodomy with animals, pedophilia, supremacy over all others and death.


To some our flag is worse than that of ISIS and that is because Obama and his minions have opened the gates of hate and hell. He has told the crazies that it is not just OK to be diverse but that the America we grew up in is evil. He has signaled to the left with his sanctioned sanctuary cities and welfare and aid to illegals, inclusive of criminals that they are not only above the law but above you and I.

The article I read was really about mass hysteria where Rhode Island citizens, Polish Americans it seems, felt that an American flag flown on a fire truck, which was driven by U.S. Guardsmen and government property, was a showing of “hate” worse than flying the flag of ISIS and claiming it was a show of “terrorism.”  This therefore cannot be my America, this has become a place where the lunatics are running the asylum. May Gd protect us all.


About ira1942

An American concerned for our country and it's current direction.
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