The “WHY” With Islam Is The Elephant In The Room



We all have theories as to why we are faced with terror attacks here in America and those attacking us will point to American colonialism and oil. For years we as a nation have backed our big oil companies, and Middle East dictators who until they were no longer “our dictator” as Kaddafi, we helped dispose of.

As any time there is conflict there are always two sides to consider and I am sure the Islamists have their grievances, not excluding the fact that the “so called” evolved rational has gone well beyond a grievance to become a war of conquest in order to expand their “Islamic Caliphate.” There is nothing new here in the current expansion since they have been both successfully and unsuccessfully trying to establish this Caliphate since 668 A.D. until the final battle against the “Mohammedans” as they marched on the Vatican in 1683 A.D. and defeated by a combined army of Armenians, Viennese and other Christians at the “Battle of Vienna.” Frankly it is this defeat on of all dates 9/11 that served as the impetus to continue in their desire for a Caliphate, being the religion of conquest that it is.

What is not ever discussed in our self defeating PC culture in America as well as Europe is “how the potential conquerors are being enabled” as well as “who are the enablers?” With Europe one does not have to look far as PM Merkel stands out like a beacon in the night as if she were even screeching “give me your ultra orthodox, tired and poor (male military aged) Muslims.” As to those embracing the PC culture, I am not going to spend much time as I simply consider them “tools” of those at the top.

Looking slightly further are the globalists with George Soros,most evil man in world with a history of screwing the world to make a buck. Soros is pushing a “one world government” and mass immigration to “overwhelm” Europe. This is the same approach the Communists have taken and as proposed by Cloward and Piven. It is to overwhelm a society with chaos and with chaos you can force “fundamental changes” in society. Here in America, where Obama is consistently pushing the envelope in order to manufacture crises, you have one of his boys, Rahm Emanuel who has most succinctly described this in his now famous quote; “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

In America where we have the unfortunate relationship of big oil/government and the Middle East where since the discovery of oil there we have been meddling in their politics as well as covering up for their bad actions due to our “investments in their oil.” Whether it was our installing the Shah of Persia or George Bush and his relationship with the Bin Laden family we were either too close to the wrong player or covered for them.  This led to personally arranging for the Bin Laden’s “escape from America” rather than throwing their complicit asses in jail and invading their country rather than Iraq.

The bottom line, whether by our dollar and oil interests of the Bush family or the combined oil and ideological interests of Obama which allowed for his “personal affinity for all things Muslim” we have been covering for their behavior for decades.

Obama using chaosIn the case of Obama we cannot overlook that aside from all of the Communists and agitators in his background he spent time in Madrassas while in Indonesia, his father was Muslim as well as his step father and thus his affinity. When in Chicago his “so called” church was not a Christian church but a “social justice” church also attending by the criminal and radical Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam.

As a result of Obama’s in part Islamic upbringing and his affinity for all that is Islamic he has either blinded himself to the intent of the Islamists by taking the radical Muslim Brotherhood from the Terror Watch List as well as appointing many of their members to key government positions, putting us all in danger. He has been putting us in danger because the agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood is not our agenda and in fact in complete opposition to it. Please note that Ayman Zawahiri, the leader now of Al Qaeda was a former prominent player in the Brotherhood prior to his meeting his money man Bin Laden.

Of course in any seeking of a rationale one of the greatest motivators is the “money trail” and the oft used phrase “always follow the money.”  In the seventies, as written by Vern Jarrett, father in law of Valerie Jarrett, The Saudis came up with a plan to “invest” in American blacks using their Black Muslim attorney pal Khalid al-Mansour who as Percy Sutton described him was  “the principal adviser to one of the world’s richest men” Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal. Mansour’s writings include such titles as “The Destruction of Western Civilization as Seen Through Islam and Will the West Rule Forever?”

It was Saudi money who paid for Columbia and bequeathed a large donation to Harvard along with the help of Percy Sutton, Manhattan Borough President at the request of Mansour that garnered Obama his Admission to Harvard. His records, most obviously mediocre, otherwise why have them sealed from public view led to a “lecturer” position, rather than professorship at a minor law school in Chicago. Bottom line is that Obama was indebted to the Saudis and thus the Muslim Brotherhood.

So, whether by plan to help the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamists, payback to his paymasters or simply his blind eye to the terrorists due to growing up in a Muslim society in Indonesia, far less aggressive than the Saudi Wahabbi Islam (ISIS version) there is a problem here that is the elephant in the room. Even with the terror abounding all around the world and the start of dealing with the “Islam problem” the press nor the politicians are willing to deal with the “elephant” as until they do we are extremely ill equipped in the “war on terror” when those at the top are keeping a blind eye at the very least or are complicit at worst.


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2 Responses to The “WHY” With Islam Is The Elephant In The Room

  1. Grant F says:

    Enlightening, sobering and concerning, all at once! THANK YOU Ira!!

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