Throwing America Off The Cliff

The shooting of Representative Steve Scalise today as he played the all American sport of baseball by James T. Hodgkinson, a Bernie Sanders worker, underscores how America is perilously at the edge of the cliff.



We have been put there by the mad ravings of the left with its Democrats, Progressives, Socialists, Communists and Anarchists which are all conveniently wrapped up in the seditionist group headed by the Obama/Clinton cartel called “RESIST” who offer nothing positive for America, but just to tear it down. The seditionist ravings of these lunatics, once my party, have been further amplified by the mirroring of their scare tactics by the fake news bunch at CNN, NBC and others. Now the average person hardly has enough time to read the news and when all they get are crazed bullet points from the Democratic Party and fake news from the left, they run with the lies just as at the moment the Democratic Party is trying to convince itself that Sessions failed and the Russians are now running America. All one ever hears from them is “what will be taken away from you” but they never talk about how you lose your freedoms in the process.



If I were to simplify the difference between Republicans, especially now with Trump and Democrats it would be thus:

Republicans: Truth and honesty in government, drain the swamp, stop entitlement and government fraud and fix America for all.

Democrats: Pander and lie at any cost to stop what Trump wants to accomplish which shows them for the garbage that they are. Convince their doltish followers that there is a great Republican conspiracy to keep them down and offer FREE STUFF. They do not care if they bankrupt America by making promises that are unobtainable as they kick the can down the now end of the road with a twenty trillion dollar debt. They just want you to believe that your mortgage would be paid and you get your free education, free Obamaphone and all the free lunches you can eat. All they care about is filling their constituents’ heads with shit and get re elected so they can be in and leave office rich. Bernie Sanders, a Socialist is a millionaire with three homes, but boy can he speak some shit and promise you anything without even giving you Arpege.

Today, a man was shot. He was shot just as if Stalin or Mau ordered it as Socialism kills. It kills when a party scares its constituents to death about what they will lose.  It kills in Venezuela, Cuba and elsewhere as that is the net result of “free government cheese.” Nothing is free, as when you reach a point of too much free stuff what you lose is your freedom as in these Socialist shit holes, running a system that does not work.

Socialism fails for two reasons: 1- man is lazy and will not work nor produce well when working without incentive. 2- The cream always rises to the top and into the pockets of the dictators who remove your freedom for the price of “promised” free stuff.


About ira1942

An American concerned for our country and it's current direction.
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4 Responses to Throwing America Off The Cliff

  1. So this post is an example of toning down of rhetoric that is needed?

  2. Grant F says:

    Amen brother! Correct on all points…

  3. Barry says:

    Well Stated!. Dumbed-down sheeple always choose free shit over freedom and end up enslaved & impoverished because they love to listen to the liberals siren song of slavery. As Solzhenitzen stated “A person who has not been inside of a gulag has never seen the face of Communism.”
    If only these anti-freedom activists could spend a couple of years in one of Kim’s luxury resorts to gain some perspective on the freedom they loathe!

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