Health Care or Health (I Don’t) Care?

It seems all Congress can do is throw money or not at a problem. If health care and solutionsa business person acted like such a fool he/she would be out of business in a minute.

Instead congress lines up behind its old ideologies and pushes out stale unworkable ideas that cost taxpayers greatly.

Unfortunately for the tax payer the “dolts on the hill” act as a group following the stupid people at the top of the dolt chain off of the cliff and simply work towards their next campaign. On the one hand this is nothing that term limits couldn’t cure. On the other it is time to problem solve not bloviate and continue the status quo.

Rather than simply payoff insurance companies and give away free money, do as a business person would do: LOOK FOR AVAILABLE AVENUES THAT EXIST OR CAN EXIST UNDER THE LAW.

Since there is a major difference in coverage and cost between the group insurance offered at work, including coverage of existing conditions, JOIN, FORM, CREATE your own GROUP so that you can take advantages of the employer provided health insurance. While individual plans require a health exam and turn down many, with group plans, the chances of a turn down are small and with coverage offering all the key benefits including smaller deductibles.

There are many organizations that one can join in order to qualify for group rates. Some these are:

Alliance for Affordable Services

National Association of Female Executives

Small Business Service Bureau

Writers Guild of America

Freelancers Union

National Association for the Self-Employed


Woodmen of the World

There are also states that allow for a group to be as small as one person and if two, add your spouse or a friend. States that allow as small a group as 1

Where there is a will there is a way and where there is a business mind rather than a lazy political hack, there is also a solution. If the government wants to join in your efforts then let them offer an organization created soley for the purpose of becoming a group where the average citizen may purchase health insurance comparable to those employer based ones that the government offers their employees.


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An American concerned for our country and it's current direction.
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