Trumbo Then And Now

If you haven’t seen the movie Trumbo yet, do make it a point to do so. It is essentially the story of Dalton Trumbo, one of America’s greatest screenwriters, who gave us Johnny Got p3036_d_v8_aaHis Gun, Spartacus, Exodus and much, much more. He was also a Communist. Trumbo spent some years in jail for not testifying against his friends during the McCarthy years, some of the blackest years in American history.

Trumbo did then, what many espouse today in that we stand up for the Constitution, freedom of speech and the Bill of Rights. Today, we face a similar black time in that the Progressives of today have become Fascists in the exact same mold of McCarthy, Hedda Hopper and all those who persecuted writers, teachers, and others by adding their names to a Black List or bullying them into ratting out their friends.

Today, with the help, guidance and example of those such as Obama and his Fascist henchmen the enemy is once again those who would speak out and/or not follow the “party line” of political correctness, a government who discards whatever parts of the Constitution it finds get’s in their way and tells us that government knows better than you how you should run your own life.

Do take the time to see Trumbo the movie, as it is a most useful film in that it reminds us of what history should not be repeated. Einstein once said, that “mental illness is doing the same thing over and over again yet each time expecting a different outcome”. We are not mentally ill and we do not need to repeat what was in fact, some of the darkest days of American history.

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Have you ever seen images of the “hajj pilgrimage” as swarms of Muslims frantically swarm around a center structure called the “Kaaba” as they work up enough crazed momentum and fervor until many get trampled underfoot by the overall “Islamic Collective”? This image to me is the epitome of “Islamic culture”, of a seeming “Collective”, like the Borg in Star Trek, swarming around the remnants of Mohammed’s journey to Mecca almost as if either they too wanted to be god or to “touch his presence”.  I think it is this “swarming of the “Islamic Collective” that allows thugocracies like ISIS to perpetuate itself.

When you look at Islam as an entity it is more than a religion. While a religion it at the same time is a legal system as well as a political one. Unlike modern day Christianity and Judaism which have evolved into a singular entity, a religion of moral faith, Islam is a complete and all encompassing entity. Islam takes control over the entire life of the individual. It provides a “group think” Borg type mentality” ruling every aspect of the believer’s day, similar to the earliest pagan days of Christianity or Judaism. Like pagan religions Islam encompasses every step in the life of the practitioner, so that the Koran becomes a virtual roadmap for all stages of life.

What makes Islam dangerous unlike other religions is the belief that the “Collective” must “absorb” other groups, just as the Borg “Collective” grew, who are the “Kafirs” or non believers. Jews had stopped proselytizing centuries ago and Christians still do some but in a “kinder and gentler” way than by the sword. Islam prides itself on expanding their “Collective” through violence and therein lays the problem. Even if you are not put to the sword Islam relegates all non believers to a position of subservience and servitude to the “Collective.”

In a world where 80% of Muslims are illiterate and most dirt poor the Muslim can pride itself with its membership in a religion that at least tells its followers that as a member of the “Islamic Collective” you are “superior” to all others including those who would even colonize or enslave you. It made it a lot easier to fight the Japanese as we demonized them as “little yellow devils” rather than fellow humans and in this way Islamists demonize we Kafirs. Let us also not delude ourselves Islam is a religion of supremacy. This part of the equation is the cement for their “collective” as no matter how bad one feels due to their position in life, we all love to “piss downhill” so as to feel that there is always someone worse off than we.

OK, so where am I going with this? Once I came to the realization of the “Islamic Collective”, I further realized that what is making it grow is that which it is feeding upon. Islam is feeding upon the very successes that the West has allowed them to attain as we turned a blind eye to the reality of their very existence such as Obama referring to them as the J.V. team. The “Collective” is feeding upon its own successes won by the sword. The more they are successful the easier it is to either grow their numbers in the Middle East and to entice Muslims with such low self esteem that they too demand to “piss downhill” so they can feel better about themselves as members of the “Islamic Collective”.

All of their reference to a “Caliphate” is so that the “Islamic Collective” can pride themselves as they look back into their glorious past when they were able to defeat the West and rule much of the then known world. There was a reason for the Crusades, unlike that which Obama would have us believe and it was clearly to push back on the Islamic invasion of Europe. There was also a reason for the attack on the Twin Towers on 9/11 as that date in history represented the epitome of the Caliphate and their rule over the Kafirs of Europe in the Seventh Century. However on that date, it was also the start of the demise of the Caliphate as the armies of Vienna and Armenia beat back the Islamic hoards at the “Battle of Vienna” thus stopping the Muslims who were on their way to attack and then sack the Vatican.  We are now back to that same point in history where the Caliphate has potentially reached its epitome. The “Collective hive” has grown large.

So how do we stop the growing of the “Collective’s hive”? By smashing their new found self esteem and let them feel the shower of “yellow rain” on their heads. Yes, it is time us Kafirs “pissed downhill” onto the turbaned heads of the “Islamic Collective” and wash away their new found self esteem with yellow rain.  Until this realization my attitude was like most Americans; “it’s not our war.” However, as their minions grow stronger and attack us more and more on our own home field, events have shown us that it is time to kick their butts and them, ending the success of the “Islamic Collective.” It is time to acknowledge the reality that the “Islamic Collective” is at war with the West and we must now fight back to win as only by smashing them as the Viennese and Armenian armies smashed them on 9/11 in the Seventh Century will the “Islamic Collective’s” hive cease to grow.

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What Should Be Done For A Long Term Solution To Radical Islam?


What can we do, aside from a military intervention with boots on the ground in order to counter the killers and thugs of ISIS? The best idea along these lines came from President Sisi of Egypt of whom Obama chooses to still ignore and has taken the side of the Muslim Brotherhood extremists. President Sisi who I view as the “most courageous man in the Muslim world” for the stance he has taken in first proposing a reformation of Islam, a reformation that is 600 years too late, should you use the Reformation as a starting point.

President Sisi, despite Obama’s refusal to work with him on his reformation of Islam, has started on his own with the closing of Mosques that are still preaching the hate and fundamental values of centuries ago, where the primary tool of conversion was the sword. Let’s face it much of the “Islamist fervor” is whipped up in the Mosques which is why one sees the sometimes Friday night explosive exiting from the Mosque to the streets for protest from everything from “let’s kill the Jews” to “you should not have eaten that ham sandwich.”

President Erdogan, who seems himself as a leader of the Caliphate on the opposite track has preached that Turkey depart from the state secular state that Ataturk built and instead has allowed Turkey to degenerate into what is not only an Islamist state but one that has been aiding ISIS. When folks try to establish a difference between Fundamentalist Islam, as practiced by the Saudi Wahabbi or ISIS, Erdogan stated that “The term Moderate Islam is ugly and offensive. There is no moderate Islam, only Islam.” “Islam is Islam.” Fahad Quereshi, the founder of Islam Net, and a leader in Norway’s Muslim community stated … it is not that speaker that who has these ‘extreme radical views,’…. These are general views that every Muslim actually has.”

In today’s world the only truly “moderate Muslim” is the one who is the “occasional Muslim” similar to the “occasional church goers” or the Jews who only go to Synagogue on the High Holy days or for Bar Mitzvas and weddings.

If you look at the Mosques even in America, those Mosques are “true fundamental Islam” and why, because of the version of the Koran they read and the heritage of the Imams. “The Saudi’s have radicalized American Mosques.”  See: Yehudit Barsky, an expert on terrorism at the American Jewish Committee.  80% of the Korans used in American Mosques were paid for by the Saudis and it is the same Wahabbi Koran as used by ISIS. “Among full time paid Imams, 85% were born outside of America,” (Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, hotbeds of fundamentalism) according to The Hartford Institutes survey of 2011.

The odds would seem stacked against Islam leaping from the 8th to the 21st Century without a reformation that would bring Islam not only into the 21st Century but to change if from a “religion of conquest by the sword from their earliest days of invading Europe in 711 AD, through the following invasions from the 1,500s up to 1683 where they were stopped at the “Battle of Vienna” on 9/11 (a now familiar date). ISIS, or as Obama likes to refer to them as ISIL as it specifies the Levant and is an insult to Israel, is no more than another attempt, according to their own statements of once again trying to resurrect a Caliphate.

It would seem to anyone who is capable of thought could see this as a “never ending story” of the attempt of Islam to conquer the world, which is in fact their stated goals. Convert or die is their war cry. Thus it would further seem, that the only long term tool available to the west would be to try to encourage Islam to join the 21st Century and with such a reformation bringing with it the more acceptable norms that we have learned from our pre-school days on “how to work and play well with others.” More appropriately “live and let live” rather than “convert or die.”

So it would seem to me that the only sane man in the Islamic world and one who is a potential savior of the entire world is President Sisi of Egypt who has courageously attempted to encourage the much needed reformation of Islam.


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What Is Your Obligation In Dealing With World Gone Nuts?

The world is getting more chaotic every day. Today we heard from a spokesperson from the “so called” “Million Student March” who want to “take wealth from those who HOARD it, as if they didn’t earn it” in order to pay for their free tuition. No matter that tuition has skyrocketed as Obama and his predecessors have continually thrown money at colleges without accountability. The colleges then fatten up their already fat administration rather than spend it on educating their student body that sorely need an education and not just the indoctrination that they do receive from liberal professors.

Following the interview by Cavuto on Fox Business of the “idiot savant” student we then hear that “Paris Is Burning” via Muslims on a killing spree which when all over will probably net hundreds of dead. This is what liberal France gets for assuming that all of their Muslim inhabitants are “so called” “moderate Muslims”. Statistics, polls and Taqiyya state there is a shortage of so called “moderates”.  Today at the gym I met a lady who asked who was doing the killing and I replied “it wasn’t Irish monks. It was Muslims. She tried to correct me and say don’t you mean ISIS? Therein lay the problem, a well meaning but ignorant populace who look at the rest of the world and expecting them to treat us as we would treat them. WRONG!

It is time for all to wake up. What is your obligation? It is at the very least to stay informed so that your leaders, such as Obama and Kerry stop fooling you with Global Warming and bringing in a few hundred thousand military age men under the guise of their being refugees. Refugees they are not as most are just honoring the Hijrah, the spreading of the faith and their filth and lying through their teeth due to their Koranic dispensation for lying called Taqiyya.

Too many people either follow as sheep or make up their minds from seeing simple memes created by simple people. It is time to make up your own mind and speak out. Screaming FOX lies, aside from being idiotic, shows that you really do not watch enough news and that you truly get your information from memes and comics at best. You should be watching all news AND that includes the prominent online sources. It is time to stop being sheeple and educate yourself as to “conditions on the ground” before the America you once knew is no more. Your obligation is to review your current politics and then speak out and speaking out without an “educated point of view” is like pissing in the wind.

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Look Under The Hair And Kick The Tires First

trump-hairWe all hate what Obama has done to America with his politics, policies and mean spirited demeanor that has almost diminished America to a third world banana republic. The enemy is at our gates both at our unguarded borders and from Obama’s unending stream of “un-friendly’s” that he is bringing in from the Middle Beast.  Continue reading

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Higher Education And Unintended Consequences

Typically the Progressives want to throw more gasoline on the fire than put out the fire bernie-sandersand find the root cause as to what started the fire and fix that.
Right now Hillary and Bernie are in a mad race to outdo each other by suggesting that in order to fix the problem of tuition costs let’s just throw more money at the problem. This is the biggest problem with the retarded approach of Progressives as exemplified by Clinton’s and Obama’s adventurism in Libya forward is that they NEVER whether by limited intellect or “I just don’t give a damn” attitude consider the unintended consequences.

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What Value Does Trump Bring To The Party?


Well, let me start out by saying that he is not one I see as “Presidential” and neither is  he my choice for the Republican candidate. However he does offer value and I am happy to see him in the race and on the debates.

Why? Glad you asked as he has BALLS! There is nothing more frustrating than to see the “same ‘ol, same ‘ol” white bread Republicans who do not have any. What are the symptoms of “lack of balls”? Again, thank you for asking: The symptoms are portrayed by candidates who can’t look you in the eye and say WTF is going on here and will not look Obama in the eye and say same. I call that Romneyitis. Continue reading

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